FUT 21 Frankfurt’s Evan N’Dicka ‘Silver Stars’ time 08/07/2021

A new ‘Silver Stars’ football player card has just been added into FUT 21’s expansive player database. With the ongoing FUT 21 promo, FUTTIES, still going strong throughout the past few weeks, this new player card is looking to help add more dept...

FUT 21:Filip Kostic Player of the Month time 04/22/2021

A team’s current achievement is always the sum of all its players’ contributions and hard work.   However, sometimes certain individuals should also be singled out due to their extraordinary performances on the pitch which continu...

Runescape 3 – Guide to Ape Atoll time 09/09/2018

Ape Atoll is a Runescape 3 area that can be only accessed by members. The island is part of the Monkey Madness quest so players can travel there after they get the quest. One thing players should know is that they must disguise themselves a...

Riders of Icarus: More New Worlds to Play time 07/10/2016

Riders of Icarus, which is a free to play mmorpg, featuring exhilarating areial combat unlike anything ever seen for other games. The players can take the flight on the back of the beasts, ranging from ferocious bears to fire-breathing dr...

How to Get More Coins in FUT 16? time 02/29/2016

Every year EA appears a new football simulation, FUT 16 on September 24, comes on the market. With the development of the series Gamers increasingly in the game the FUT 16 coins are very important. With coins you can buy better football p...

Potential TOTS Cards for Serie A time 02/17/2016

We know in ultimate team of FUT 16, the only task we should complete is building a team. Serie A is one of the most competitive team no matter in real football or FUT 16. And then it is important to choose proper players. I summarized som...

Squad Guide for Serie A in of FUT 16 time 02/14/2016

Serie A is the one of the most competitive leagues in the world. It is not too spectacular because it is in UK, Spain and Germany. The qualification of the champion is made through the made points system. The Serie A is the fourth best le...

Winter Upgrades for Serie A Player Ratings time 02/02/2016

Many FUT 16 fans are rocking those Italian league teams. We know there are many standout players in Serie A and we all hope to find out something about Serie A players’ rating upgrade. This is the hottest news for this upgrade.  ...

Some Advice for New FUT 16 Players time 01/19/2016

Ultimate team is an interesting mode in FUT 16, it is not enough to know the basic task is build your own squads. In this article all new FUT gamer can find some simple tips to play ultimate team. First, you need to learn to use the ...

A Guide for the Gamer who Play Serie A in of FUT 16 time 12/02/2015

You must experience the in FUT 16, it is the most interesting. You need to build your own squads. And choose a team which can bring more victory and under your budget is difficult. I introduce about bundesliga in previous article. Now i w...

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