FUT 21 4 to 4 to2 Diamond Formation time 03/15/2021

In FUT 21, players’ awesome skill moves and blistering pace around the pitch can only count for so much, when you are paired against a seasoned FUT player who knows how to play the game strategically. If you are amongst the small number of FUT pla...

FUT 19 – Cristiano Ronaldo is no Longer on the Cover time 03/08/2019

FUT 19 went through some recent changes. The game is always adapting to the reality of the football scene but this change has nothing to do with mechanics or rating updates. The game has a new cover image. As we all know, Cristiano Ronald...

Cristiano Ronaldo Reappears on FUT's Official Website 19 time 11/20/2018

The accusations about an alleged violation committed by Cristiano Ronaldo are altering all commercial relations of the Portuguese star. With regard to the world of video games, the Portuguese is the image associated with FUT 19, being able ...

With Cristiano in Juventus! FUT 19 Would Have Nine Teams Available for the Beta time 08/13/2018

Just as we were saying in the last article, FUT 19made a change to include the latest Cristiano Ronaldo football decision and it happened really fast. Actually, EA took just few days to make this change and it looks like that it was very ea...

What you need to know about Elder Scroll Online furniture crafting time 01/24/2017

Elder Scroll Online furniture crafting allows players to create a multitude of home ornaments. It's allowed to trade furniture and decorations with other players so this feature is a good opportunity to obtain a nice profit. Customization i...

The best goalkeeper on FUT 17 time 01/11/2017

So a weird thing has popped up in the FUT 17 community and that concerns one player. This player has somehow managed to become the best goalkeeper in FUT 17 even though he is not all that of a big shot in the real world. Thanks to a special...

FUT 17 The full guide to dominating your opponent time 12/26/2016

A nice little tip that professional players give to beginners at the first time is this: “Get the best team you can find in FUT 17 and just play against the worst one.” Doing this is not only fun, but actually helps you get a better feel fo...

Tips for Playing FUT 17 Well(II) time 12/16/2016

In last article “Tips for playing FUT 17 well (I)”, I had gave out four tips about choose the formations and players in FUT 17. And now, let’s continue to talk about how to play well in FUT 17.  1. Control the tempo of the game. N...

7 Must Read FUT 17 Tips time 12/06/2016

FUT 17 is a game all of you have probably played with your mates over beer and chips and then got in a shouting match because your free kick should have obviously hit. FUT 17 does come with a lot of guides and tips that are scattered thro...

FUT 17 Tips for Attacking time 12/04/2016

Well it was inevitable that an article like this was going to come out since a lot of people do have problems with attacking in FUT 17. It’s not the games fault…All that much. It mostly comes down to the mechanics of FUT 17 ultimate team ...

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