FUT 22 - Richarlison's 'Flashback’ Player Card on the Loose! time 07/04/2022

Remember to visit U7Buy to capture the best discounts and sale offers available of FUT 22 coins PC today! The current transfer market is buzzing with headlines about Richarlison being courted by other top clubs in the English Premier League, but f...

FUT 22 - Wolfburg's Gerhardt a 'Shapeshifter'! time 07/01/2022

Home to all the cheapest FUT Coins PS4, U7Buy is always ready to offer the best discounts and sales packages every single day! Following the recent ‘Shapeshifters’ promo, Vfl Wolfsburg’s playmaker, Yannick Gerhardt, will be receiving a surprise ‘S...

FUT 22: Everything You Need to Know about Cesc Fabregas Objectives time 06/24/2022

Seize the move and upgrade you gaming experience with cheap FUT 22 coins on U7buy now! The release of UTOTS marks the end of the TOTS promo, and several End of an Era cards have been released to mark the end of the season. Cesc Fàbregas got the EOAE ...

FUT 22: Love Unites Pack time 06/20/2022

Buy FUT 22 coins from the most reliable supplier, U7buy offers you best FUT coins deals! FUT 22 continues to have exciting new content coming to the game, and TOTS is still in the FUT packs this week. A new set of player items can be unlocked by comp...

FUT 22 TOTS: Saudi Pro League time 05/25/2022

U7buy is a reliable FUT 22 Coins supplier with fast delivery, safe transfer methods, best customer service. FUT 22 has welcomed its biggest event of the year, with Team of the Season joining the game. In addition to this, the Saudi Pro League TOTS ha...

FUT 22: The Next TOTS League time 05/23/2022

U7buy offers you legit yet cheap FUT 22 Coins xbox one, head over to U7buy.com now! The biggest and best campaign of the year in FUT 22 is finally here with the Team of the Season promo now underway. The Premier League TOTS lineup has been and is gon...

FUT 23: Everything We Know So Far time 05/16/2022

The best and safest FUT 22 coins is on sale at U7buy, make sure you place your order now to get the first chance to win the deals. A potential change of the name for FUT's flagship game may be on the way, but it may seem like the only major change to...

FUT 22 SBC: How to Unlock Aaron Ramsey RTTF Card time 05/13/2022

Before we start, make sure to buy FUT 22 coins at the best price on U7buy today! There is still a week left until the first team, Community TOTS, appears in the game, and before the start of the main event, the TOTS Warmup Series awaits us. Leaks ...

FUT 22: TOTW 31 Countdown time 04/29/2022

U7buy is a perfect place to buy FUT coins! FUT has announced the official release date for the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo, along with the full league schedule. The official release date of TOTS Promo will start on Friday, April 29th. Community T...

FUT 22: How to Unlock Joao Felix SBC time 04/22/2022

FUT 22 introduces the Player of the Month (POTM) award, the winner of which receives a boosted card that can be unlocked through SBC. The winner has just been announced and it is an Atlético Madrid striker card that r...

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