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Pre-Season Event Is Coming To UT time 07/28/2020

It looks like FUT 20 will be hosting an event called Pre-Season. The event is teased in the game. It starts on July 28th or July 29th. So far, there has been no announcement about it on Twitter. What this mysterious event could be? The new FUT 21 gam...

Are You Excited for the DC Super Heroes Rocket League DLC? time 03/12/2018

Starting March 2018, Rocket League players will have more customization options available thanks to the DC Super Heroes DLC. The star of the DLC is Batman. He is unarguably one of the most popular DC superheroes but others that are also bel...

Best Winger in FUT 16 (III) time 02/06/2016

Before we get into our top five, we've got some players that barely missed on the top.You know it's also both personal preference but these guys any of these guys can jump into your top five. We've got the Walcott, Williams, Carrill...

FUT 16 Basic Controls & Gameplay Scenes time 11/09/2015

With the basic controls first, after that we will carry on with gameplay scenes. First of all you can name with the left stick, the left stick should always show in two directions are you want to finish it. An normal shot can be done with j...

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