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FUT 21 On Nintendo Switch: Legacy Edition Again! time 08/11/2020

FUT 21 is coming to Nintendo Switch. When we learned a few years ago that FUT will be available for Nintendo Switch as well, we were happy with the news but things turned out to be not as expected. The gameplay is incomplete, features are missing fro...

H1Z1 is Out of Early Access time 03/14/2018

H1Z1 is a game with a complicated history. There were times when players were unsure of its future. After three years in Early Access, the game has finally released as a full product. February 28th, 2018 is the day when H1Z1 is celebrating ...

Best Winger in FUT 16 (III) time 02/06/2016

Before we get into our top five, we've got some players that barely missed on the top.You know it's also both personal preference but these guys any of these guys can jump into your top five. We've got the Walcott, Williams, Carrill...

FUT 16 Basic Controls & Gameplay Scenes time 11/09/2015

With the basic controls first, after that we will carry on with gameplay scenes. First of all you can name with the left stick, the left stick should always show in two directions are you want to finish it. An normal shot can be done with j...

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