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FUT 22 - Bologna's Gary Medel a Great 'Silver Stars' Option time 05/09/2022

The cheapest FUT 22 Coins PS4 deals and bundles are all available at U7Buy so don’t forget to visit the website every single day! Beginning FUT players are always on the lookout for suitable player cards to recruit inside their own UT squad, and ‘...

FUT 19 – Club Packs time 05/07/2019

FUT 19 fans have access to a feature called Club Packs. These packs are teams-themed content that can be used to personalize devices or social media profiles. If you are interested in a club pack, here is what you need to do.  Hea...

How to defeat Grand Magistrix Elisande and Guldan in Nighthold World of Warcraft time 02/09/2017

Grand Magistrix Elisande fight consists of three phases. Each phase begins when Elisande reaches 10% health. She will rewind time healing herself and adding new mechanics for each phase. In phase one, she will summon two adds: one blue and...

How to Create 100k Squad in FUT 16?(I) time 12/18/2015

Welcome to a new tutorial in FUT 16 Ultimate team squad builder, today we have the best 100K squad. As you know that we have a 442 with two CDMs formation which I found to be fantastic this year. You can do lots of triangles with pa...

Team Practices in NHL 16 time 09/14/2015

As we all know that nhl 16 will be available at 15th, September, which is nearly for all the players, and more nhl 16 coins is all the players needed. Today we will introduce you a new feature, which is the practice mode, and it is useful ...

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