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Pre-Season Event Is Coming To UT time 07/28/2020

It looks like FUT 20 will be hosting an event called Pre-Season. The event is teased in the game. It starts on July 28th or July 29th. So far, there has been no announcement about it on Twitter. What this mysterious event could be? The new FUT 21 gam...

CS: GO - Modes Explained time 03/10/2018

Playing CS: GO for the first time can be overwhelming. The game is not complicated but there are lots of modes and maps so a beginner may not know what to choose. To play a match against random players, users will access the Play menu and s...

Easy Way to Farm in SWTOR time 02/05/2016

There is a player who is newbie in swtor, and have his first char on 65 and would like to get the mandalorian clanmember armor for his powertech headhunter. Is anyone has the suggestions for him to farm the money? There is an anwer i...

Tutorial: Skill Moves in Career Mode of FUT 16(I) time 11/09/2015

What is the best way to practice skill moves? How functional are these skill shots in actual games? Do they have different delays or effects from the regular pass/long pass buttons?Practice arena? So many different questions or doubts appe...

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