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World of Warcraft - What's New With Dungeons and Raids in Battle for Azeroth time 08/24/2018

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has 10 new dungeons and one raid. More will be added in the future but when the expansion launches, these will be the initial PvE challenges. Players get access to some dungeons at the beginning of the ...

Tree of Savior Guide for Upgrading Equipment time 07/07/2016

In tree of savior, there are different levels for the equipment, and it is a task for you to upgrade your equipment and weapons. You can experience the success when you get the top level for your equipment. And now i will give a guide.&nb...

How to Get More Coins in FUT 16? time 02/29/2016

Every year EA appears a new football simulation, FUT 16 on September 24, comes on the market. With the development of the series Gamers increasingly in the game the FUT 16 coins are very important. With coins you can buy better football p...

FUT 16: Pack Opening Simulator - Lucky to Test! time 02/27/2016

The most important things in football simulation FUT 16 are not only coins but also Pakcs. Which player is available in a pack? Heaven and Hell are close. Sometimes there are situations that you spend money on coins and points, but you al...

AI in Professional and World Class time 11/30/2015

I spend most of my 10 hours in career mode and started at world class, like I played in 15, but it was nearly impossible for me to create chances. The AI on the other hand always had some mad  going while on attack and some fine Chain ...

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