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A beginner's guide to Madden 17 Ultimate Team


MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) is a cards collecting game mode for Madden 17. This mode was introduced in 2010 and became a permanent game addition. It allows players to build a football team by recruiting any available in game player. The roster contains almost all famous American football players from the past and present. This is MUT's main appeal. The second main reason for this mode's popularity is its versatility. There are several objectives so players can concentrate on the one they like best or even complete them all. Some play MUT just to collect all cards, others want to conquer solo challenges but there are also players whose goal is to take part in multiplayer events. No matter what their goal might be, all users have to collect Madden 17 players.
MUT players are acquired in two ways: from card packs or from the auction house. The trouble with card packs is that the items within are random. Besides players, a pack contain uniforms, coaches and such. Packs are earned or bought with Madden 17 Points Account from the Madden 17 store. The auction house is a marketplace feature that allows players to exchange items. This is the preferred way to acquire players because it removes the random factor of the card packs. Coins are used in the auction house so players' goal is to acquire as much coins as possible. This currency is earned from completing Madden 17 activities.
A quick way to get Madden 17 Coins cheap is to take part in solo challenges. It's an activity that pits players against the AI. It's an efficient way to get some coins but the real coin maker is the auction house. The profit depends on the value of the sold item. New players are advised to sell all unwanted or unneeded items. This way they will acquire coins that can be spent on player cards to improve the team. Another way to earn coins is to complete sets. Packs also contain items called collectibles. These items have a number of uses including sets. Coins are earned when completing a set. Madden 17 also has a premium option to acquire coins. Players that want to keep it free to play have to understand that MUT is a progression game that requires a bit of time and patience. Those who want to speed things up can use premium features.

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