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How to Play Madden 17 Franchise Mode as Player


Madden 17 franchise mode allows users to experience the game from three perspectives: as players, as owners or as coaches. Gameplay will chance depending on the selected option. Those who decide to choose the first option will be given the chance to become football players, be part of a team and achieve great success on the gridiron. Madden 17 franchise mode as player starts with character creation. Users are given two options: to select one of the active NFL players or design their own characters. Two more character customization options are unlocked by those who opt to create a brand new character: position type and backstory. 
Position refers to player's type and decides his role on the field. The two options are offense and defense. Each option also has sub options. Offense types include tight end, wide receiver, halfback and quarterback. Defense position players can choose between middle linebacker, defensive end, defensive tackle, outside linebacker, safety and cornerback. Each one of these offensive and defensive types has multiple selections. Madden 17 has an in depth character creation system that continues with choosing a backstory. There are three options here: early draft pick, late round pick and undrafted. This selection will alter the game experience so players should make an informed decision. Starting ratings will vary depending on the selected backstory. Another element that's different is the difficulty of the season goals.
When playing Madden 17 as a player, three kinds of goals are available: season, weekly and milestone. Completing these goals will help players acquire more XP. It's important to earn XP because this allows players to boost their attributes. XP is gained depending on player's performance during games. Packages that are used to upgrade ratings are unlocked with XP. Just like in real football, retirement is also an option in Madden 17. Players that decide to retire can resume their progression with a new character that can be another player, a coach or an owner. At last, if you are a player of Madden 17, welcome to u7buy.com to buy Madden 17 coins cheap,or buy Madden 17 Points Account Xbox One/ PS4, here you will get the best service online. 

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