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Madden NFL 17 A Better Guide to Franchise Mode


So you are starting up Madden NFL 17 to play for the 456th hour and you want to start Franchise mode again. But you feel that something is off, don’t you? Well I know how you feel my friend because there are 3 ways to play Franchise mode in Madden NFL 17 and I guess you were only focusing on one. In this Madden NFL 17 guide we will explain to you the various ways of playing Franchise mode and how they affect you and your game/career. If you are ready to understand Franchise mode in Madden NFL 17 a bit better than before, this guide is sure to help you out… Or confuse the hell out of you… Its 50-50.


Be a Player
You can select an active player or create one from ground up. Once done, you need to decide position, player type, backstory, etc. This bars from controlling other players on the field; but the idea is to earn XP, designate strengths/weaknesses, and become the best NFL player.
Be a Coach
This allows you to control the entire team instead of a single player which is what makes it more complicated. As a coach, you decide things like drafting, trading, signing, etc.

Be an Owner
This allows you to experience the Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode in its entirety. If you are not comfortable with making stadium decisions or managing the prices off the field, you should probably choose something else. Similar to other roles, you can select an active owner or create one from the ground up – the latter affects finances, team happiness, and fan happiness.

Why is this important?

A really saddening this about Franchise mode in Madden NFL 17 is that you will often find yourself running around willy nilly instead of focusing on one clear thing. But thanks to this Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode guide you will find it a lot easier to see the bigger picture.  At last, if you need Madden 17 coins,  please pay attention to u7buy.

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