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Tips For Finding A Franchise In Madden NFL 17


Maybe by now, you're an expert in Madden NFL 17 and you've already won the Super Bowl many times. It may also be that the CPU is no longer a big rival to you and that your online opponents are no more than simple warming or practice ... but, are you ready for the ultimate challenge?
Then it's time to join the world of online franchises and test your skills with dedicated Madden players, but, where do you start? Here we will tell you how.
Finding the right franchise for you
A very good way to find the right franchise for you is to look at forums, since in those sites there are always people recruiting new players for their franchise. We recommend touching the doors of an established franchise with skilled and reliable players.
Choose a style
There are franchises looking for a realistic football experience, so they leave their players in different confined areas. However, there are also franchises that do not have as many rules and only play for fun. You must analyze what your intentions are before joining a franchise.
Follow the leader
If the leader of the franchise accepted you, helped you to grow and gave you instructions, you have to follow them to the letter, otherwise, most likely you are expelled from the franchise. However, if you do not feel comfortable, you can leave if you wish.
Have fun!
If you do not enjoy your stay in the franchise, or the parties or the community, you can choose to leave. The most important thing to be inside a franchise is to be sure that you like to be there. So, if you are not, you better ask to leave the group. 
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