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Th****s 07/14/2010

I always use your site to powerlevel ffxi. Your guys never disppoint me. lol. i plan to play ffxiv when it releases. Will you also do ffxiv powerleveling service? i hope you can:)

ca****l 07/13/2010

i have use your service before that's why i choice you, fast, relieble and great service!i would like to come to you next time to power level my warhammer character!have a great day! thx again :D

Ni****s 07/12/2010

Your guys are amazing.only 1 hour my enforcer has reached level 6. He can purchase the N-Tec 5 assault rifle now. I will make another APB powerleveling order from you when i am back from business trip.

Mi****l 07/11/2010

i have got the finished email of my eq2 power leveling order, so fast! everything of my account is secure, ill come next time! thx u guys!

Ivy 07/09/2010

certainly u r the most professional wow power leveling site!!i like leveling wow although im a girl:) thx for make my character looks perfect x3

Al****x 07/08/2010

i bought 100k apb cash from you 10 min ago. i have received them. Cool! your guys done a good job!!!

Be****n 07/07/2010

hey faye, im benjamin! it's too hard to make apb cash, but i need it to buy my car to finish missions! so please share some good guide of making apb cash with me, i know you always do a good job! i do look forward to!! thx 3

Da****d 07/06/2010

i made an APB powerleveling Praetorians R1-R10 order 8 hours ago. I am happy to see he reaches Rank7 now. look forward to your great job. thank you, guys.

Er****c 07/05/2010

i made a warhammer online power leveling 1-40packages order 2days ago, from the screen shot you sent to me i saw the order is almost done. Amazing!!! Great guys, thank you.

To****y 07/02/2010

I have read all of your APB news. Awesome!!! They are very useful. But can you give a detailed introduction on how to level in APB and what is the best way to earn APB cash. Thx a lot.

lu****s 07/01/2010

expecting for more APB power leveling guide!!! so as to do a good job on my APB character,hehehe...

wi****m 07/01/2010

i have never used such a fast aion leveling service, 26-30 just takes 18 hours, awsome!!!

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