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Riders of Icarus Berserker Guide


Riders of Icarus is a game that allows you to live out your childhood fantasy of capturing pore defenseless animas and then subjecting them to heinous conditions just for your own personal use. But, not only can you ruin the lives of peaceful animals, you can also also slay people too which makes it way more enjoyable. In this Riders of Icarus Guide, you will learn about the thing needed to become a professional killer, a Berserker. SO get that giant sword ready cause we are going on an epic Journey. 

The Guide

-Double Slash
-Rising Cutter
-Shoulder Charge
-Brute Smash
-Thunderous Kick
-Triple Slash
-Follow-up Strike
-Leading Slash
-Whirling Blade
-Mighty Roar
-Fury Thrust
-Mortal Blow
-Blade Block
-Gust Cut

Rage Generating Combo: Double Slash -> Shoulder Charge -> Mighty Roar -> Double Slash
Basic Combo: Leaping Slash -> Spinning Blade -> Upward Slash -> Brute Smash -> Gust Cut

Head : STR
Shoulder : CDR > STR
Torso : STR
Gloves : Crit Rate > STR
Feet : STR
GS : Crit Rate > STR
Necklace : P.Atk% > CDR > Crit Rate > STR
Rings : Hakanas Hero Rings
Lance : CDR > Crit Rate > STR
XBow : Crit Rate > STR

How hard is it?

Berserkers are considered to be the easiest class to play in Riders of Icarus and a good choice for new players that like melee combat. You will not require much strategy when laying as a Berserker in Riders of Icarus and with the things mentioned above you will do well when it comes to generating rage points and dealing massive damage. 
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