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Riders of Icarus Lavlight Cave Guide


Riders of Icarus is a brilliant game that let’s you fly around on Epic mounts and explore a beautifully crafted world with your friends or as a lone wolf. The game does have dungeons and question which is what we are here to talk about today. The Lavlight Cave dungeon in Riders of Icarus has proven to be a bit of a challenge for some since a lot of people have asked for a guide such as this on various message board. So if you are ready to go we can strap ourselves on our epic mounts and dive into the world of Riders of Icarus in order to beat the dreaded Lavlight cave.

The Dungeon

Lavlight Cave is the first dungeon you will encounter when you get to the south-west region of the Hakanas Highlands. In order to even dare and try this dungeon you will have to be somewhere between level 13 or 15. In the cave, you will find a dungeon specific gear that is called Emberstone gear which will help you out later in Riders of Icarus. Another nice thing about Lavlight Cave is that there is an NPC named Private Corance which offers repeatable quests.  All in all, Lavlight Cave is a brilliant dungeon that will set you up for PvE and PvP with its excellent gear and potential for repeating quests. 

What to do

The enemies increase in stats and level as your level gets higher which means you must strategically pick a time when to do this dungeon. There are quests in the dungeon like breaking creepy spider eggs which seems to be a Riders of Icarus profession when looking at the dungeons. The Dungeon is pretty straightforward except for the boss. The Emberstone golem can summon suicide bombers and flame cut which just kills you almost instantly. Another bad thing is that he can knock you into the lava so stay away from the edges. So that’s pretty much it about the Lavlight Cave Riders of Icarus guide. 

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