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Rider of Icarus classes in a multiplayer setup


Rider of Icarus have fine classes in total which are very different. Here let's have a loot at the advantages and disadvantages.
Assassin (melee DPS). Those who choose this class must understand that they will sacrifice defense for offense. The Assassin is capable of dealing impressive amounts of damage but this comes with a price: the Assassin is a fragile character who cannot survive heavy attacks. Assassins rely on movement and combo attacks. Rider of Icarus players who have their mind set on selecting this class should be prepared to train and practice to unlock the full Assassin potential. 
Priest (healer/support). This class represents Rider of Icarus healers. Priests come with a variety of spells that restore HP and resurrect party members. A Priest cannot do much damage but makes up for this by offering plenty of team support. In a party setup, Priests will be protected by other members as they cast buffs and concentrate on keeping the team alive. Wands are the preferred weapons for main hand and crests can be equipped in off hand. 
Guardian (tank). These brave warriors protect their team members by taunting enemies. Guardians use sword and shield to deal threat generating damage and protective skills to resist attacks. A few divine spells allow Guardians to shield themselves and the team from enemies' wrath. 
Wizard (magic ranged DPS). When it comes to dealing damage from a distance to harm multiple foes at once, there's no better choice than the Wizard. These spell casters use elemental magic for devastating single target and AOE attacks. To deal the maximum amount of damage Wizards have to execute a perfect skill rotation and to time cooldowns. This class also has great mobility. Some spells can be performed while moving. 
Berserker (melee DPS). These heavily armored melee fighters use mighty two handed swords to vanquish their foes with precise strikes. Berserkers power up their devastating abilities with Rage that is accumulated by performing moderate attacks. 
Ranger (ranged DPS). Rider of Icarus Rangers use two special weapons: a vambrace and a bow. They rely on combo attacks to obtain powerful damage dealing abilities. Rangers draw their powers from chaos magic but, unlike Wizards, they don't use spells so their fighting technique is completely different. 
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