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Riders of Icarus Paywall Status


Riders of Icarus is a brilliant game that offers you a lot of interesting things to do. Players could buy ROI Power Level service or gold to fully enjoy this game. But as with all MMORPG’s you will find yourself enclosed by a tough paywall. How bad is the paywall in Riders of Icarus and what effect does it have on you and the community? Stick around and find out because this Riders of Icarus article will tell you all about this. 
The Paywall
-The Paywall is quite noticeable when you look at the creature slots as well as all other slots presented in Riders of Icarus. This means that you have a finite amount of space when storing stuff and the game makes you buy more with real money or ingame currency that is, shocker, bought with real money. 
-Grind Vs Spending money is a tough choice in Riders of Icarus since you have all that incentive to get the creatures you want as soon as possible. This being said, I do understand if you hate the game due to the sheer amount of Riders of Icarus gold needed for stuff. 
-There is pay exclusive content and you will find yourself hating other players that have actually bought these. Trust me; it happens all the time in Riders of Icarus. 
There is a thick paywall around Riders of Icarus but, can you blame the developers? The game did not come from all that big of a studio and RoI has been losing a lot of players in the last few years. But the paywall thing is hated amongst the community and it might be on its way out soon. Whatever the case with the RoI paywall, Riders of Icarus is still a great game, don’t hate it cause of the paywall. 

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