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Rocket League Items are for sale on our site, we are providing the most popular items, such as Rocket League crates and Rocket League keys, the bodies and so on, some various kinds of consoles, for example, ps4, steam pc or other consoles also can be selected by you on our site. No matter which items or consoles you choose to buy, we promise you will get the best service, the fast delivery and the safe guarantee, and our aim is to let you enjoy game and have more fun in game.

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Rocket League Items Trade Methods
For Rocket League Items buying, as we will offer many different consoles of items, which contains ps4, steam pc, switch and xbox one, we will have the different trade methods for each console, the following will provide for you.
Rocket League PS4/Xbox One Items Trade Methods
1. When you buy rocket league ps4/Xbox one items on our site, you need to offer your PSN ID/XBOX Gamer Tag to us
2. And then you need to enter into the games, to accept our invite at the same time
3. The last one, to accept our trading request to get your items.
Rocket League Steam PC /Switch Trade Methods
1. When you buy Steam PC/Switch Items on our site, you need to offer your Steam Profile Link/Switch Friend Code
2. You should confirm the friend request in Steam/Switch
3. And then to enter the game and accept our invite
4. The last one, to accept our trading request to get your items

Rocket League Article

Rocket League professional players have the chance to participate in another e-sports event in 2018. The contest is the Universal Open Tournament. The first season was held in 2017 and it was a successful event so it's coming back...

Summer is starting early for Rocket League players. The newest update is all about sunny days at the beach. As it was announced in the 2018 Roadmap, the first one of the summer updates comes with the addition of a new arena. The...

The physics based fast paced action of Rocket League is unleashed on maps called arenas. Each game is instanced. Arenas are the locations where players meet to compete against each other or to take on single player challenges. There...

Good news for European Rocket League fans! This year, the famous Rocket League Championship Series will be held in Europe. The tournament is at its fifth edition. It was previously hosted in Europe but the past two events were...

Rocket League has a program that recompenses those who watch game events on Twitch. The program is called Fan Rewards. To participate in the program, players have to link their Twitch account to their game account. It might be...

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