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Are You a Runescape 3 Treasure Hunter?


Treasure Hunter is a Runescape 3 activity that allows players to get various rewards. It can be played by both free and premium members. Initially, most of the rewards were available to premium members only but a 2014 update unlocked the prizes for free players as well. The rules couldn't be simpler. Players obtain keys and unlock chests. 
Here are a few things you should know about keys. Treasure Hunter is reset on daily basis and so are daily keys. This means that players should use them as they will disappear at midnight when the reset happens. There are three types of keys: daily, earned and bought. Players get daily keys depending on their membership status. Free users get a key per day. Premium players get two or three. Earned keys are acquired by completing content. There is a cap on these keys, players cannot have more than 100 of them at a time. Runescape 3 players get keys when killing monsters, leveling skills, completing quests, finishing daily challenges, and taking part in distractions and diversions. Bought keys are obtained in exchange for bonds. 
A chest can contain prizes from different categories and qualities. Players can get white, yellow, orange, red and purple quality items. When opening chests, players have a chance of getting cosmetic items, weapons, skill training items, skill XP items, skill outfits, items that can be normally obtained during an event, exclusive items, and a bunch of other miscellaneous valuables like gold.Hearts of ice are special items that allow players to block a category of prizes. If a category is blocked they won't be receiving items from that category anymore. It's possible to block a maximum of 10 categories at a time. Hearts of ice are acquired at the same time with keys. More of them are obtained as a bonus when buying keys.
To take part in treasure hunter, players need to open the Extras menu option and select the treasure hunter from the list. Once the activity is open, the interface allows players to see how many hearts they have, to block categories, and to get more keys. Stay tuned with u7buy to get cheap Runescape 3 Gold and more gameplay tips.  

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