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Explore the Taverley Dungeon in Runescape 3


The Taverley Dungeon is a place in Runescape 3 that can only be accessed by premium players. Inside the dungeon, players will also find two resource dungeons with a requirement of 55 and 60 dungeoneering skill. The monsters associated with the resource dungeons are hellhounds and blue dragons. The dragons are the only monsters that drop the blue dragon scales that are needed for herblore. The dungeon borrows its name from the nearby village. The entrance is south of Taverley village. Players can just travel to the village and walk south from there. Another way of getting there is walking from Falador as the dungeon is west of the city. There is a Runescape 3 location that can only be accessed by crossing the dungeon. This location is the Water Obelisk. 
Players should have some items before entering the dungeon. A good idea is to have an anti-poison potion as some of the monsters inside are poisonous. A part of the dungeon can be accessed only if players have a dusty key. To get the key, players have to kill the monster called the Jailer. This is a level 39 monster. It will drop a key that is used to open the door of a nearby cell. Inside the cell, there is an NPC who gives players the key. The Jailer is also the monster that has to be defeated for the Scorpion Catcher quest. There is a way to get into the areas that require the dusty key without using the key but players need to be able to use the shortcuts. These are conveniently placed near the entrance. 
There are two shortcuts. One requires level 70 agility and takes players to the dragons room. The other shortcut can be used by level 80 agility players to get to the spider area. Taverley dungeon is one of the biggest in game dungeons. There are more than 15 different types of monsters. The most powerful monsters are the black dragons. Five Runescape 3 quests are associated with this dungeon. Each quest requires players to kill monsters and/or obtain items from Taverley dungeon. Want to get more tips for RS 3 gameplay? U7buy will offer more useful articles and cheap Runescape 3 gold for you.  

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