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How to Defeat K'ril Tsutsaroth in Runescape 3


K'ril Tsutsaroth is a Runescape 3 dungeon boss. He can be found in the camp called Zamorak's Fortress within the God Wars Dungeon. This boss is a greater demon with 650 level and 55k HP. There are two requirements to fight K'ril. The first one is to have constitution level 70 and the second is to defeat 40 Zamorak monsters. The second requirement can be completed by killing imps and spiritual mages that are located in the Fortress. Four types of monsters that also count as Zamorakian are found north from the rope. 
Three minions stand by K'ril. One is specialized in magic attacks, the other in melee combat and the third one is a master of ranged attacks. K'ril himself uses three different attacks. He has a melee attack that can deal a maximum of 1200 damage. The shockwave attack is a magic one. The third attack will drain prayer and can deal a maximum of 5800 damage. This is one of the most dangerous attacks but there is a way of reducing the damage. Players should use the Debilitate ability from the defense skill to take less damage. Melee players are advised to be careful when using Berserk. If Berserk is synchronized with K'ril's shockwave, players will take 50% more damage from it. 
Consumables like elixirs, food and Runescape 3 Gold will help Runescape 3 players when fighting against K'ril. The best food to use is either shark or rocktail. Saradomin brew will boost HP and defense. Potions that boost skills should also be used. The recommended skills to boost are magic, ranged, prayer, strength, defense, and attack. Consumables that restore prayer are also of great help. Players will want consumables that cure poison. K'ril drops many items and a couple of them are very valuable. Players that specialize in magic will be after the Steam Battlestaff and the Robes of Subjugation. This armor can drop from K'ril but from his minions as well. The Zamorakian spear and hilt are also prized items. The rarest drop is a severed hoof. This is an item that unlocks the boss pet, K'ril Tinyroth. 

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