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How to Get Advantages in Runescape 2007 Using the Prayer Skill


Prayer is one of the free Runescape 2007 skills. It's considered a combat skill because players who train the prayer skill will unlock buffs that can be used in combat. There are more than 20 usable prayers. Here are a couple of prayer examples. Sharp eye prayer boosts ranged skill by 5%. Improved reflexes prayer gives 10% more attack. Rapid heal doubles HP regeneration. Protect from magic improves players' defense when fighting against an enemy who uses magic. Redemption restores HP when it drops below 10%. Piety gives 20% more attack, 23% more strength, and 25% more defense. Most prayers benefit the caster but there are a few that have offensive effects. For example, retribution deals AOE damage after the caster dies. One of the most well-known prayers is protect item. This prayer secures one item in case of player death. 
Points are consumed when a prayer is active. The rate at which points are consumed varies between 1 point per 36 seconds and 1 point per 1.5 seconds. Players can slow down points drainage by equipping prayer related items that boost the stat called prayer bonus. To save points, players use a technique called prayer flicking. This means activating a prayer just before it's needed and deactivating it as soon as the fight ends or the desired effect is achieved. There are a couple of ways to restore prayer points. Players should look for altars in churches and interact with them to regain points. There are two altars that give players more points than they actually have. One altar is found in the Nature Grotto and the other in Edgeville Monastery. Consumables like potions and serums are another way to restore points. 
A couple of training methods allow Runescape 2007 players to level up the prayer skill. The most common way is to obtain bones from monsters and to bury them. Well the fastest way is buy Runescape 2007 Account online.The Ectofunctus altar offers more prayer XP than bone burying but it takes more time. Players that possess the Arceuus spellbook can summon creatures and kill them for magic and prayer XP. One last tip for you, cheap Runescape 2007 gold will help you save both your money and time when getting advantages in game.  

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