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How to Unlock and Use Fairy Rings in Runescape 2007


Runescape 2007 features a large scale game world. Players travel all over it to complete quests and other activities. Traveling takes time and sometimes it can be pretty dangerous. Fairy rings are a convenient feature that gives players the opportunity to instantly travel between locations. This is the equivalent of a teleportation system. There are two requirements players must meet to make use of fairy rings. The first one is completing a few tasks associated with the Fairy Tale 2 – Cure of a Queen quest. The quest has no skill requirements. The second requirement is having one of these two items to access a fairy ring. The items in question are Dramen and Lunar staff. Players don't need one of the two staves or any other item if they've already completed Draynor and Lumbridge diaries.
The teleportation network has 42 points (rings) distributed all over the world. These rings help players reach distant areas while saving time. The fairy rings work like most teleportation systems. When players reach a node, they can check out what locations they can teleport to. Not all locations are automatically available when the system is unlocked. Each location has an associated code and players can travel to it only after they discover the code. There are some rings whose teleportation code becomes available only after players finish certain quests. One handy feature that keeps track of recently visited fairy rings lets players quickly access favorite locations without entering the code. Four locations can be marked as favorites. It's also possible to have a personal fairy ring built in a player owned house. Construction skill needs to be at least 85 to build a ring. There are various ways to reach a fairy ring. Players that have obtained the quest points cape can easily reach the Legend's Guild. There is also a fairy ring near Lumbridge. Various items like the slayer ring, amulet of glory or the ring of wealth will also bring players closer to a fairy ring.
This is the small guide to help you know how to unlock and use Fairy Rings. Use Fairy Ring and cheap Runescape 2007 gold to play well in game. Be free contact with us if you need any help in game we offer leveled RS 2007 Account service too.

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