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How to Use Runescape 3 Currency


Runescape 3 players are rewarded for their in game efforts with various Runescape currency. There are different types of money and each one has its purposes. Coins or gold are the most used game currency. This is the in game money won from almost all game activities. There are tons of ways to spend coins. The majority of vendors accept coins as trading currency. Coins have several important uses. They are spent at the auction house that is called the Grand Exchange. The monthly subscription can be indirectly acquired with coins. Normally, players pay real money or premium currency to gain membership status. Premium currency can be traded in game between players for coins, items or services so players can use coins to buy premium currency from others and use it to pay for the premium membership. 
Premium currency or bonds are bought with real money and used for all sorts of items and services. Bonds can be traded between players but they cannot be traded more than once without paying a fee. It's possible to buy and sell bonds at the auction house. Bonds are spent at the premium store called Solomon's General Store. 
Besides Runescape 3 gold and bonds, Runescape 3 has many other currencies that are earned from specific activities and spent at NPCs for all sorts of goods. When completing Ranging Guild related activities, players will be rewarded with archery tickets that are exchanged for ranged weapons and items. Vendors and other NPCs from Tai Bwo Wannai accept trading sticks that are obtained from village related mini games. Rusty coins are related to the dungeoneering skill. When in New Varrock, players will use zemomarks as currency. All these types of currency can be traded. There are other currencies that cannot be traded such as crunchy claw, ecto and reward tokens. Players that find themselves in Shilo Village must have Paramaya tickets to gain entry to the Paramaya Inn. 

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