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Runescape 2007 – What You Need to Know About Fishing


Runescape 2007 players are able to catch fish thanks to the fishing skill. This is a free skill so any player can learn it, however, some quests that give fishing XP and other fishing related features (like vendors and locations) are only available to premium members. Raw fish is obtained from fishing. Players can use the raw fish as a cooking ingredient or sell it to others for Runescape 2007 Gold. Fishing and cooking go really well together so players might want to level up cooking as well. Fish is caught at fishing spots. There are several ways to classify these spots. They can be categorized by the type of used equipment, by their availability, by the type of caught fish, and by location. 
Various equipment is needed for fishing. The type of caught fish depends on the used equipment. Each fishing spot has equipment requirements so players cannot catch fish there if they don't have the right gear. Sea fishing requires players to use two types of nets: small and big. Nets are regarded as beginner gear. As they advance, players unlock fishing rods, baits, fly fishing rods, and feathers. These are the necessary tools for intermediate fishing. Harpoons represent the first step towards high level fishing. Lobster cages are also fishing equipment. Karambwan vessels are unlocked after completing a members only quest. Players can also learn the barbarian fishing method that will unlock heavy rod fishing and three types of fish. A fishing mini-game called Fishing Trawler is available. Random events may occur while players are fishing. One of these events gives players the chance to meet Evil Bob the cat. 
Runescape 2007 has eight quests that give XP towards fishing, if you don't have a Runescape account yet, buy Runescape 2007 Leveled Account is a good choice. All of them are premium quests. Subscribers also have access to more fishing stores like Lovecraft's Tackle and Harry's Fishing Shop. They can also earn reputation with the Piscarilius House of Great Kourend. The Fishing Guild is a members only location as well. The Fishing Cape is bought from the guild. Free players can visit Gerrant's Fishy Business in Port Sarim to get fishing equipment.  

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