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Runescape 2007 - Ancient Cavern Quick Guide


Ancient Cavern is a challenging Runescape 2007 dungeon. This place is swarming with lots of powerful monsters, including a level 304 mithril dragon. The Ancient Cavern is considered a hard dungeon because monsters have high levels and are able to use melee, ranged and magic fighting styles. 

The dungeon is located in the Baxtorian Falls. Players must first complete some tasks given by Otto Godblessed to unlock access to the dungeon. The dungeon can be approached from three directions. Players can head west from the Seer's Village. If they are in East Ardougne then they must walk north. Those who can easily get to the Tree Gnome Stronghold should go there first and then take the eastern road. There is also a shortcut available from the Tree for players that have at least 37 agility skill level. Several items can be used to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost, Ranging Guild and Fishing Guild. All these locations will take players pretty close to Otto's house where the entrance is found.
The whirlpool next to Otto's house is the Ancient Cavern's entrance point. As soon as players enter the dungeon they will see the mighty mithril dragons. The Cavern has two levels with different monsters. The first level of the dungeon houses brutal green dragons, waterfiends, and barbarian spirits. The room on the first floor has a zone that is a safe area. Players can just wait there for a couple of minutes and the monsters won't attack them anymore. Level two of the upper floor houses mithril dragons and a skeleton warlord. This level also contains 12 rocks from which mithril ore can be obtained but players should know that they will attract the attention of monsters while mining.
Players should make some preparations before going into the Cavern. As most monsters are dragons, some items that offer protection against dragon fire are a must. Combat equipment and an anti dragon fire shield are also helpful. Potions, food that restores HP, and runes used for teleporting should not miss from the preparation list. The quickest and safest way to get away from the dungeon is using teleport. Players that cannot teleport can use the logs in the water.
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