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Runescape 2007 Bounty Hunter – How to Get Rewards From PvP


Runescape 2007 has one PvP minigame called Bounty Hunter. This activity can only be played on world 318 in the game zone known as the Wilderness. A player is assigned with another player that represents the target. If players manage to kill their targets, rewards that can be exchanged for prizes are received. There are some ways to upgrade the rewards. There are no special requirements to take part in this minigame. 
As soon as players set foot in the Wilderness, they will be given a target. The system looks for players with similar combat levels. After players have their target, they are able to see some more details about it. If the target carries mysterious emblems, the hunters will see this and the emblems' tier. Players can also see how rich their targets are. The exact number and nature of the items are not displayed, however, an indicator that ranges from very low to very high gives players an idea about their target's pockets. In case the target is marked with a skull, this too will be shown. The exact location of the target is not given but players can see the level of the Wilderness the target is in at the moment. A changing colors symbol helps players determine if the target is moving away from or closer to them. It's worth mentioning here that players who are very serious about this minigame should learn the spell that allows them to teleport within 12 squares of the target. Players can also see their target's PvP record. 
Players are not forced to pursue their targets but they get a penalty that doesn't allow them to take part in the minigame should they skip too many targets. The two players, the hunter and the target engage in PvP, and the winner gets rewards and mysterious emblems. These items have upgrade levels. Players upgrade their emblem when they get a target kill while having the emblem in their inventory. Emblems are exchanged for points which are exchanged for items. One of the items that are bought with points is the teleport to target spell. The Bounty Hunter store is the place where players exchange points for armors, teleport tablets, cosmetic items, and other prizes. 
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