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Runescape 2007 - Got Lost in Melzar's Maze? Read This!


Melzar's Maze is one of the available Runescape 2007 dungeons. Players can travel to Rimmington, Port Sarim, Crandor, or the Crafting Guild as the dungeon is fairly close to these locations. The requirement to enter the dungeon is to have the item called Maze Key. This item is acquired as part of the Champion's Guild quests. Navigating through the dungeon is not easy. Players must kill monsters to get the key to the next floor but they must be careful as the wrong door can send them back. Keys and doors have different colors. On top of that, keys disappear when used. Inside this dungeon, players will find the item required for the free to play Dragon Slayer quest, so you can prepare it with Runescape 2007 Gold before start.
Players enter the dungeon through the first floor. The zombie rats found here drop the red key that is used on the north west door to go to the next floor. Players can exit the dungeon by going into the north east room. Nineteen level ghosts that drop an orange key are found on the second floor. The door that takes players to the next floor is the second door on the north east side. Twenty-two level skeletons keep the yellow key that allows players to open the basement door. 
The basement has three encounters. The first one is with level 24 zombies that drop blue keys. Players should take the blue door if they wish to proceed further or the brown door if they want to go back. The next encounter is with the lord of the manor himself, Melzar the Mad. He is level 43 and fights with magic and melee, players now could got a leveled RS 2007 Account directly if needed. Melzar drops the magenta key. The magenta door leads to the next encounter while the brown door to the exit. The enemy in the magenta room is the most challenging encounter of this dungeon. It is a level 82 lesser demon. The Dragon Slayer quest item is acquired by opening the green door with the green key that drops from the demon. Should players wish to exit the dungeon, they can use the ladder.

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