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Runescape 2007 - The Varrock Museum Tour Guide


Runescape 2007 players that are traveling through Varrock are invited to visit the Museum. The building that houses it can be easily found by walking north from the east bank. The Varrock Museum can be entered by free and premium members, however, some activities and floors are only available to those who pay the subscription. The Museum allows players to observe the history of this fictional world. Creatures are displayed here as well. Players are rewarded with Kudos for completing tasks inside the Museum. 
The basement contains an interactive exhibition of creatures. Players can view creatures such as the terror bird, the camel, the giant mole, and many others. The model is animated with the push of a button. A natural historian NPC tells players about each monster. Orlando Smith is an NPC that offers the natural history quiz quest. Players will be asked questions about the creatures on display. It's possible to obtain 28 Kudos by completing this quest. Only premium Runescape 2007 players have access to the basement and to the quest. 
The ground floor is the Varrock Museum area that can be entered by both free and premium members. Artifacts and items from the Dig Site are brought here. If players lend a helping hand with cleaning the artifacts, they will be rewarded with Kudos. The requirement to take part in this activity is Dig Site quest completion. This is a members only quest. Players also need a couple of tools and some equipment. All of the necessary items are found in the southern part of the Museum. Players get 10 Kudos after they clean an item that proves to be interesting enough to be put on display. A reward is given even if the item has no value but it's not of much worth. There are five items of interest so players can earn a total of 50 Kudos. A rare item, the Digsite pendant, can be obtained while cleaning items. 
The first floor has a historical exhibition. Players must complete quests in order to unlock all the displays. There are three quests for free players and ten more for Runescape 2007 members. The reward for completing all these quests totals to 75 Kudos. Players receive skill boosts depending on how many Kudos they've obtained. They also need 100 Kudos to gain access into Fossil Island. 
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