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Runescape 2007 - What You Need to Know About the Favour System


Great Kourend is a Runescape 2007 city that is controlled by five rival houses. Players can earn reputation with these houses to gain access to various rewards such as the Arceuus spell book. Reputation is acquired when players complete tasks for a house. Each finished activity awards a certain amount of favour. Players should know that reputation acquired with a house will decrease reputation with another house as they are all rival houses. There is a way to gain reputation with them all at the same time but this involves the Architectural Alliance quest. Players will be asked to unify the five houses in order to build a statue for the king. Here cheap Runescape 2007 Gold will help you more with the quests. 
Favour is measured in percents. Players unlock all the features associated with a house when they reach 100% favor. As soon as they do that, they should quickly go to the house architect, an NPC associated with the quest, to have their reputation locked. If the reputation is locked, it will not be lost when performing tasks for another house. Players can check how much favour they have at any time by opening the quest list interface. The reputation is displayed in the Kourend favour interface. As long as players are in Great Kourend, the main interface will show a window that displays earned favour. The activities that reward favour as marked on the mini-map with a purple symbol. 
Each house specializes in a different field of activity so players have quite a few benefits from earning their trust. Arceuus House is all about magic and unlocks access to a mine that provides rune materials. Hosidius House members specialize in farming and cooking. Players unlock a mini-game and access to the Woodcutting Guild. House Lovakengj favour grants access to a mine to gather ore, some stores, and The Deeper Lode pub. Piscarilius House belongs to fishermen who will allow players to access their stores and fishing spots. Shayzien House reputation earns players armor, the combat ring, and the right to enter the Lizardman Canyon. 

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