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Runescape 3 – Did You Visit the Cooking Guild Yet?


Runescape 3 players that have at least 32 cooking skill level can access a facility called the Cooking Guild. Apart from the level requirement, players also need to have some cooking items equipped. They are not permitted access into the Guild unless they are wearing a chef's hat or the sous chef's toque. Those who have completed Varrock hard tasks can bypass some of the entry requirements. It's worth noting that the Cooking Guild is not a premium area. Free players have access to it as well. The Guild has its headquarters in a windmill building that is located in the vicinity of Varrock. There are numerous ways of getting there. Players can use any means of transportation that takes them to Varrock and then head west of the city. The easiest way to get to the Guild is to use the skills necklace.
The Guild has three levels. The ground floor is the largest. Players are greeted by the Head Chef. This NPC acts as a guard as he doesn't let players in if they are missing items and also as a vendor. Players that have at least 99 cooking skill can buy the Cape of Accomplishment from the Head Chef. Another NPC that can be found on this level is Romily Weaklax. He deals with pies. Players can bake pies for him and get some rewards. The room that has the bank and the cooking range is a restricted area. Players need to complete hard Varrock Tasks to be able to enter it. On the second level (or first floor) players will find cooking ranges, a dairy churn, and a table with some cooking items. Players can easily bake apple pies on this level. The last level (or the second floor) has a hopper that is used to make flour from grain. Several items such as grapes and cooking apples are found on tables. Players use this level to make flour and wine. Behind the Guild building, players will find a wheat field from where grain is obtained.
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