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Runescape 3 - How to Complete the Falador Mole Lair


The Falador Mole Lair is a free Runescape 3 dungeon where players fight against a giant mole. There are no other enemies in this dungeon. Players have to first reach the Falador Park and look for the giant flower. This is the entrance. To exit the dungeon, players will first locate the roots and follow them to return to the park. There are no quests associated with the dungeon. The giant mole is a level 230 monster. It can be a pretty challenging fight. Players that wish to take on the giant mole should travel to the north central side of the dungeon where it normally spawns. 
The mole fights using melee techniques and abilities that depend on its location. It has no apparent weakness, however, all players agree that magic attacks work best against it. The mole changes location when it reaches 70k HP. It will gain different abilities depending on its new location. Players can look for the dirt marks that show the direction of the next room. The mole's lair has four chambers. The boss will visit them all in a random order throughout the fight. 
The north western room is the adds room. While the boss is there, it will summon adds that increase its damage reduction and attack players. The north eastern room is the enrage room where the boss gains damage buffs but it will be susceptible to stuns. The south eastern room is where the boss uses stun attacks. The ceiling will also collapse so players need to make use of basic defense skill abilities like freedom and anticipation to survive. The last room, the south western room, requires players to watch out for when the boss submerges and reappears as they will take damage if they stand in that spot. After the boss visits all rooms, it will go to its main lair and make use of all the above abilities. The mole encounter on hard mode has the same tactics as on normal mode but the numbers are pumped. Enemies have more HP, they hit harder and players take more damage. 
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