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Runescape 3 - Skills to Learn for Free


Runescape 3 is an MMORPG that does not force free players into buying a subscription to be able to build a decent adventurer. There are 16 skills that can be learned for free and this selection includes all combat skills and plenty of profession related skills. 
There are seven Runescape 3 skills that are considered combat skills because they help players become better fighters. Attack, ranged, and magic are the three skills that allow characters to specialize in one combat type or master them all. Attack means melee fighting, ranged allows players to fight from a distance, and magic relies on spell casting. The strength skill will be useful to those who choose to specialize in melee combat as it increases dealt damage. Defense skill allows adventurers to equip better quality armor and also to use defensive abilities. Prayer is another combat skill. This skill gives players the chance to use all sorts of buffs that give temporary stat increase and other useful perks. Players' life is measured in hit points, also called life points or HP for short. The total number of HP depends on the constitution's skill level. Dungeoneering is not exactly a combat skill but it does involve a lot of monster killing. This skill allows players to adventure into the dungeon of Daemonheim which is also the only place where the skill can be leveled. Players progress into the dungeon to fight against powerful enemies, and to earn exclusive rewards. 
Eight profession related skills allow players to gather materials and to craft items. The crafting skill grants the possibility to create all sorts of armors, pottery, and jewelry. Mining and smithing are two skills that go hand in hand. Ores gathered with mining are smelt into bars and transformed into items with smithing. Fishing, cooking, and firemaking is another good skill trio. Caught fish are used as ingredients for cooking. Players need a source of fire to cook and one way to obtain this is to make a fire with firemaking. Woodcutting is often paired with firemaking. The obtained logs can be set on fire or used to craft a canoe. Runes are created with the runecrafting skill.
Here are the severn skills that considered combat skills. Besides skills, Runescape 3 gold are essential to help you skills learn, etc. Get ready before you start. 

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