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Runescape 3 - What You Need to Know About the Woodcutting Skill


Woodcutting is one of the Runescape 3 skills. As the name suggests, this skill allows players to become lumberjacks. Players will mostly cut trees but there are a few other types of plants such as bamboo and ivy that can be chopped down. Each type of tree (or plant) has level requirements in order for players to be able to cut it. The most important tool for woodcutters is the hatchet. There are multiple types of hatchets. Players use better hatchets as their skill level goes up. Hatchets are considered weapons so they will be equipped in the weapon slot. Basic hatchets are received when starting the game. Players can buy better ones from Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge and from other players via the auction house. Hatchets are crafted by players with the smithing skill. Runescape 3 has hatchets of different materials. Bronze is used to make basic hatchets while the best ones are made from crystal. These cannot be crafted and can only be obtained by members by buying them from an NPC. Machetes are other tools used by woodcutters. There are four types of machetes and none have any requirements. Machetes are bought from NPCs or other players and they are needed to cut jungles. 
Woodcutting is a free skill, however, there are limitations. Free players cannot use all types of hatchets. Some types of trees can only be chopped down by premium Runescape 3 members. As players improve their level, they will be able to chop down trees faster. Lumberjacks are able to procure materials used by other skills and to craft items. It's not uncommon to pair woodcutting with fletching and firemaking. When players cut trees they obtain logs. There are different types of logs depending on what type of tree is chopped down. Logs have two uses. They are set on fire to increase the firemaking skill and carved into bows by those who have the fletching skill. Woodcutters can make a nice profit by selling logs. They are also able to craft canoes that are used to travel. Woodcutting has two level caps. The first one is at 99 and the second is at 120. 
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