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Runescape 2007 – Exploring Fossil Island


The Museum Camp is the first area of Fossil Island where Runescape 2007 premium members begin their adventure. Varrock Museum representatives are found here. When players arrive here for the first time, the Museum Camp area doesn't have much to offer. Players need to use their construction skill to improve it. 
The Mushroom Forest is found on the north-west side of the island. This area will be mostly visited by players who are looking to improve the slayer skill. Zygomites and wyverns are targets for slayer skill tasks. Players with hunting and herblore will be busy going after herbiboars. Woodcutters will be busy with two types of trees. Players that want to improve the prayer skill can use the mycelium pool. 
The Tar Swamp is home to a mini boss with 276 combat level. Players need an ax and a rake to make their way across the swamp. Combat level 132 mobs called tar monsters live here. One type of mushroom that can be harvested is found in this area. This is the sulliuscep mushroom. And now, players could buy Runescape 2007 Account with range, attack or defense etc. 
The Volcano is the entry point in the Volcanic Mine. This area allows players to improve their mining skill and to get various types of ore fragments. Players can also take part in a time limited minigame in this area. 
Underwater is a large area that can be reached via the rowboat that can be found near the Mushroom Forest. When players are in this area, they need to keep an eye on their oxygen level. If they run out of oxygen, they will be brought to the surface. Oxygen is restored with putterfish. Players that have a fish bowl helmet and a diving apparatus don't need to worry about running out of oxygen. This underwater area allows players to train fishing, farming, agility, and thieving. 
The House on the Hill is a zone where players will be able to increase prayer. This is also the area where an ancient wyvern shield can be crafted. Items used for the Fossil Island notebook can be found here. At last, buy Old School Runescape Gold will help you exploring Fossil Island easier. 

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