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Runescape 2007 Cart Transportation System


Keldagrim Carts. The requirement to use this Runescape 2007 transportation system is to be on the quest The Giant Dwarf. This is a member only quest so this traveling method is only available to premium players. The Keldagrim cart is one of the three ways to enter the city. Players can use the carts to travel from Keldagrim to the Ice Mountain, to the Grand Exchange, and to the White Wolf Mountain. The last route is available to players who have completed The Giant Dwarf and the Fishing Contest quests. It costs 100 or 150 coins to ride the carts. The cart station in Keldagrim is close to the Blast Furnace.
Great Kourend Carts. This traveling method takes players to all the main areas in Great Kourend. The requirement to unlock this system is to have 65% reputation with the Lovakengj house. Players will also need to look for Miriam the NPC and do some delivery tasks that will reward some reputation as well. After that, they will be able to use the carts to visit several locations in the area. The fee is 50 coins. Those who don't want to pay the fee each time have the possibility to pay the 100,000 coins one time fee to Miriam and use the carts at no cost. 
Karamja Carts. Players must first finish the Shilo Village quest. It's a quest for veteran players. It requires 20 level in crafting, 32 in agility, and 4 in smithing, if you don't have, you can buy Runescape 2007 Account online directly. Players must acquire some items that can be easily found at a general store and defeat an undead enemy. After the quest is completed, players will be able to use the cart from North Brimhaven to Shilo Village and back. This service is operated by two brothers. Hajedy is the Brimhaven NPC. He can be found near the docks. His brother, Vigroy, is close to the bank in the village. Players will need to pay up to 200 coins to use this transportation system. 

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