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Runescape 3 – Brimhaven Dungeon Guide


Brimhaven is a Runescape 3 dungeon that is found in Karamja. It's pretty close to the lodestone so the fastest way to reach it is to simply use this feature. The dungeon is in an area that can only be accessed by members so it's not a free to play dungeon. Players will pay a fee of 875 coins to enter it. This is not a one-time only fee. It needs to be paid every time. Those who have finished Karamja hard tasks and acquired gloves 3 won't need to pay the entrance fee anymore. Speaking of the Karamja tasks, three medium ones and one hard task are completed in the dungeon. Elite tasks reward the superior version of the mentioned gloves. Players who have the gloves 4 will be able to use a dungeon shortcut and to deal increased damage to the wild dogs in the dungeon.
Before entering the dungeon, players will need to acquire a hatchet as the way is sometimes blocked by vines. Woodcutting skill is used to cut them down. Thirty-four skill level should be enough to clear all of them. Players that have 12 agility will notice that they are able to use some stepping stones. There are 12 types of monsters in this dungeon. The most common ones are the level 35 wild dogs. They don't drop any notable loot and will not even attack players if they have at least 75 combat level. Level 51 moss giants and level 85 fire giants are also found in the dungeon. Two types of demons, greater (level 82) and black (level 98), can be fought here. Runescape 3 gold will help you a lot when playing in these Dragons. Dragons make up the majority of monsters in the Brimhaven dungeon. Five of them are found in the dungeon but the other two types are found in the resource dungeon and in the dragon dungeon. The resource dungeon has 112 level mithril dragons. The highest combat level monsters are the level 116 adamant dragons found in the separate dungeon. These dragons are the main reason to visit Brimhaven dungeon. 

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