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Runescape 3 – Guide to Ape Atoll


Ape Atoll is a Runescape 3 area that can be only accessed by members. The island is part of the Monkey Madness quest so players can travel there after they get the quest. One thing players should know is that they must disguise themselves as monkeys using an item called greegree else the native monkeys will be hostile. In fact, all the island's inhabitants are powerful monsters so players should get ready for serious encounters. Players will mainly visit the island for quests but there are several other reasons to travel here. 
There are different ways to get to the island, however, the fastest method is the teleport. Players who have completed a certain part of the Recipe for Disaster quest and have 64 level magic skill can use the Ape Atoll teleport spell. There is also a fairy ring close by. Marim is the capital city on this island. It's a good place to level up strength and thieving and get Runescape 3 gold. The city also has an agility course and several stores. The Temple of Marimbo is inside the city. This location will be visited for the Recipe for Disaster quest. The temple is also a good spot to farm bananas. Another location that is involved in a quest is the prison. Players must find a way to escape from the prison. The challenge here is to avoid the guards who do high damage and return players to their cells. The agility training course is recommended for players who have at least 70 agility. 
Players can go shopping at the marketplace. There is a store that sells scimitars, a store that deals with magical items, a food stall, a crafting store, and also a general store. Ape Atoll can also be used to level woodworking as there are some hardwood trees in the area. The island also has a place for fishermen to catch sharks and bass. The dungeon is found in the jungle. Players can fight level 77 and 78 enemies in the dungeon. Besides RS3, u7buy also offer FIFA 19 Coins cheap for all customers with instant and safe delivery. Welcome visit our site to get more. 

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