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Tips for STO Energy Credits & Master Key Buying
1. In order to get the STO energy credits & master key faster, you’d better to ask the live help whether it has the enough stock at first, and then to place orders.
2. As there are many orders on our site at the same time, we will deal the orders according to the time of your payment, please be patient to wait.
3. We never ask STO master key or credits back after delivery for any reason. Please don’t give your credits or master key to anyone even he claims that he works for

Star Trek Online Article

Star Trek Online, the MMORPG based on the famous sci fi series, is a free game with an optional premium subscription. There are four payment plans so players can pay once a month, once every three months, once every six months or...

Star Trek Online has a traditional leveling system. Most of the game's activities especially those that require combat will award a certain amount of XP. Players gain XP each time they kill enemies in PvE or PvP fights, when they...

Level 50 Star Trek Online users gain access to the reputation system. To earn reputation with a certain faction, players must complete all sorts of tasks and unlock all five reputation tiers. Rewards are faction specific. There are...

Energy credits are the most common type of Star Trek Online currency. These credits represent in game money. Players earn credits when completing missions and taking part in numerous activities. STO Energy credits are used as main...

Star Trek Online has a pretty flexible character system. Players will start by choosing one of the three classes but they should know that this choice doesn't restrict the use of certain ships, uniforms or wearable items....

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