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How to Improve Star Trek Online Characters


Star Trek Online has a traditional leveling system. Most of the game's activities especially those that require combat will award a certain amount of XP. Players gain XP each time they kill enemies in PvE or PvP fights, when they finish missions, quests or any other tasks. When players get enough experience points they get promoted to a new level. The current Star Trek Online level cap is 60. Players also gain ranks. There are 10 ranks. The designation for a rank may be different based on player's faction. For example, level 45 Starfleet members have Rear Admiral rank, Klingons have Major General and the rank equivalent for the Romulan Republic is Subadmiral II. Starship tiers also depend on player's level. There are six tiers in total. Last two tiers ships acquire XP when taking part in space combat. 
When players level up STO quick, they receive space and ground points. These are spent to customize and upgrade a character unlocking various skills in a talent tree. After level 50, players don't receive any of these points anymore. A new customization feature called Captain Specialization becomes available. From now on players will receive specialization points instead of ground and space points. The reputation system also has some elements that can be used to personalize a Star Trek Online character. The customization process continues after level 60. After max level, players earn specialization XP. Players will also earn specialization points that are used to unlock all specializations. A specialization has 15 or 30 abilities. A character cannot have more than two active specializations at a time. There is no specialization XP cap but the extra amount is not worthless. Any extra XP can be changed into dilithium ore. Star Trek Online players achieve normal max level 60 in a short amount of time as there are plenty of things to do to earn XP. Unlocking all specializations after level 60 can take time but it all depends on player's style. Of course, enough cheap STO Energy Credits will help a lot while leveling up your character in STO.  

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