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Gearing as a fresh Level 70 in SWTOR


SWTOR offers you a lot of choices to the style you want to play, but what do you do when you have done it all and start over at level 70? Well in this Star Wars the Old Republic article you will learn all about gearing your character up with SWTOR Items when you get a fresh start as a level 70 character. Now let’s get going. 
There are a few simple ways that you can go about with gearing when playing a fresh level 70 character in Star Wars the Old Republic:
-Crafting it yourself- This is the fairly obvious rout and it is avoided for fairly obvious reasons. High end gear is quite hard to craft and it will take a lot of time for you to get your desired gear. But if you press on, the rewards after doing this are amazing.
-Buying it- Well this is also the fairly easy choice but it is a good one since you can buy the SWTOR credits you need for cheap from trusted online sellers and you will have no problems with long scavenger hunts like above. 
-RNG Galactic Command system- well this is self-explanatory, you can get it here in no time. 
Playing as a fresh level 70 Star Wars the Old Republic player will be quite the difficult chore since you will have to grab the gear you need as quickly as possible and the NPC’s will be quite nasty when you are a level 70 in SWTOR.  But if you are able to push through with this difficult point in SWTOR you are sure to have a lot of fun. 

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