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SWTOR Archeology Gathering Skills

In swtor playing, besides crafting. There is other important items you should pay more attention to, which is the gathering skills. In the gathering skills, we will introduce the archeology to you.
As you explore planets in the galaxy, you’ll discover a variety of exotic resources and valuable pieces of information, the resources and information you gather can be sold on the open market for a profit, or your crew can use them to craft useful and valuable items. When you master one of the gathering skills, you can get some raw materials and do not need you spend any money to buy it yourself. And if you also can master the crafting skills, you can use the raw materials that gathered yourself to use the crafting skills to your desired items. Do not need you spend you swtor gold or the real money.
There is one skill of swtor gathering, which is called Archeology, the study of crystal formations and archaeological finds, Archaeological finds possibly conceal rare datacron components that are used in the creation of attribute-enhancing Matrix Cubes. The more gathering skills you master, the more raw materials you can get, and the less game gold you can spend.

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