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Warzones have been the feature that developers have talked about the most so far in regards to SWTOR PowerLeveling PVP. Warzones are, at a very basic level, PvP mini-games which have certain objectives.

Instanced PVP
Warzones, as advertised, will be instanced PvP battlegrounds sealed off from the rest of the world server.

The major plus of this approach is that players can “queue up” for a warzone anywhere in the world, which makes PvP accessible. The major downside is that at least in other MMOs, these games feel fake, contrived, and uninspired.

In other words, it feels kind of silly when you are playing other games which use this system, such as WOW Power Leveling and you know for sure you are playing a “mini-game”. When you cap a flag in Arathi Basin, you get points every few seconds and the first one to reach a certain score wins. This is clearly a mini-game and not a SWTOR Power Leveling PvP experience.

Players will earn “tokens” and experience points from PvP, which will not only help them level up but also they can use their tokens in exchange for rewards.

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