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How to Create the Ultimate Tank Build?(I)


For the division playing, there is a doubt that how to create the ultimate tank build for most players, generally speaking, with the introduction of the toughness stat, players are focusing a lot more on their build’s durability, especially on how long it can tank damage in the endgame content.

In order to let players to play the division better, there is a division player to give the other players’ some two advices about how to get the ultimate tank build. For those players who want to survive for as long as possible, soaking up damage for their team, this is likely to be the best place to start.

The first important factor to create the ultimate tank build in the division is to expect the main areas of focus for this ultimate tank build are armor, stamina, and mod slots. Both stamina and armor will add to a player’s toughness rating, and the extra mod slot makes it so the player can add on even more armor or stamina. It’s also possible to boost skill power or DPS with the mod slots, but those with a solid primary weapon should have no problem in that area.

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