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The Division Guide for Weapon Modifications


In the division, we do the weapon modifications in order to increase every statistic. Other dented    damage, the level and rarity decide what bonus the modification ads. Every modification can have up to two extra bonus just like for the weapons there are five kinds of redness where ethnic and legendary. 

There are four different modification categories up to excite the magazine under barrel. The muzzle of things improved iron side, reflex sight variants of the Red Dog holographic sight through point for some skulls and ACOG scope that is forked time soon. Or a twelve times scope traditionally, then hands the optimal range the heads of damage the heads of killing experience that critical hit chance. And the accuracy bus tires who modification like the three point four or a cog and the 12th time soon allow you to aim down the site in first person by hitting tap on the computer. To know the button for the consoles magazines primarily as expected, enhance the amount of bullets. Cheap impacting it sadistically. They can also enhance the fiery to reload speed to crit chance and the current damage several attachments under barrel attachments come in the form of trips and later sites and enhance the accuracy initial bullet stability which means it decrease the first shot recall and horizontal stability which decreases side-to-side recoil. There's also regular stability which enhances the up and down or a muzzle brake statistically reduced threat silencers which means the enemies are less likely to detect targets utilizes initial bullets ability as explained. Before this means, more stability on your first chance critically damaged a result of stability normal content accuracy the weather. Modifications are would increase every statistic other dental dam site what bonuses to modifications had every modification can have up to two extra bonuses dislike for the weapons. There five concentration is common in common rare epic and legendary. 

Different modification categories will update with their own enhancement. And if you need some cheap credits for your division, please pay attention to our website. 

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