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The Division Guide for Riot Mode


Riot mode is interesting and there will be 4 squads and every squads will contain 4 players. You can challenge the Riot mode in the main map of the division except for the dark zone. In that mode, you will meet more and more enemies and the only task for you is defeat the division agent and try your best to control their base. The gameplay in details as following. 

Base of operations is the place to prepare defense for JTF, and it is the start place for you. Rot will start in Muray Hill and moves towards Base of operation. Riot movement is visible. They move on different coded routes and they may split on different place and time. While the task for the players is extinguish the threat before it reaches base of the operation. In addition, there is something you can’t find on the mega map, there will be some special teams moving with the main roit. Their behavior won’t be shown. When you kill Warlord, all other enemies will be visible. And you must kill all of them before you reach the base of operations. 

And then, you will find the base of enemies. This base is fortified and you must try your best to control the enemies in 10 minutes until they get bonus loot. You need to make your map cover more places and have more immersive surroundings. Keep in mind, Riots began amplitude 50 elite enemy (LVL 35) + Warlord (LVL 36). Riots rate reached a new cell every growth. District Riot obtain 20 enemies (LVL 33) + 5-10 enemy Task Force (LVL 34; and the officer who is miniboss). Special theme-based teams (sniper squad, squad heavy technical team UAVs). Riots may include all four of the enemy. 

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