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Dragoon Guide in Tree of Savior


In tree of savior, dragoons elite spear-wielding soldiers. They can help you gain more bonuses when they use two handed spears rather than one handed spears. How to get more reliable damage from them? How to fit into rotations combo? All question about playing it will be explained in the guide as following. 

There is no special OP skills for the Dragoons in the game, usually there are four skills can be chosen, they are Dragon Tooth,Serpentine, Gae Bulg,dragon soar. Especially, Gae bulg 5 is for the buff zone. If you want to put the $9 in or get one from the upcoming event if it has one, you can put 5 in GB, learn the attribute, and reset it to 1 and still take advantage of the attribute, leaving you 4 more points to put 5 dragon tooth and 4 dragon soar All of them make dragoon be a class with more damage. Dragoon both properties using 1H and 2H spear, which makes it not necessary to pick armor and weaponry or armored warships before the class, and gives a person's creativity and build some flexibility. Although it is still the preferred Rank 7 class these two categories. In addition, there is not much to say, because this is a purely destructive circle moment. My personal advice for Dragoon skill is you should make full use of Serpentine and dragon tooth. Cyclone can provide a very high damage skills to help slash hop3 rotation, because most of their skills mainly Pierce damage + huge mergin Earth beat wave damage. Keep in mind, you should earn double will help decrease the rare golden mob. 

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