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First Impression of Tree of Savior


For the tree of savior playing, there will be lots things the players should know, and for the following we will give you some information about one players experience for the first impression of the tree of savior.

The player said that the tree of savior, to me, seems like an epic way to game casually. I decided to begin my adventures in Tree of Savior as a Cleric which turned out to be quite entertaining. Since the level cap is huge, the rapid leveling up gives plenty of positive vibes. Obtaining one of those EXP scroll rewards is really a great source of excitement and games that are constantly rewarding tend to be far more popular.

The most irritating part of Tree of Savior, which others have also complained about, is the stunningly high number of gold seller spam on global channels. Others have complained about bots as well. There are a few minor bugs with quests, and whatever you do, do not attempt to change the game's controls, because you will end up with the game constantly crashing and it can only be solved by deleting all the controls.

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