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Leveling Advice for Quests and Grind in Tree of Savior


Almost everyone want to play well in tree of savior need to learn something from the guide or tips, no matter doing dungeons and missions, or quests and grind. In this article, i will give some leveling advice for quests and grind in tree of savior. 

You can check for yourself what is faster. Use the exp viewer addon and see how much you make, then make all quests on a map and see how cards you have made and how long it took. If you compare both you'll quickly realize that quests > grind as far as possible.If you want to quickly level tasks, underground city, the mission faster. If you want more money, though, grinding, especially in high value-added areas of decline. Or you should try as much as possible from the milling EXP points (from Dina bees now) suck better. Over the next 30 + levels are not milling place, so if you run out of cards, you will have problems. So, if you now go back to ask again the card may not be able to let you jump from 157-> 190. But if you grind until the bees can say 167, then do the task will be easier for you to jump to 190. You can get the card to skip the annoying gap, plus you'll want to do this later 200S around. Card is always good, but to be honest, if you prefer to do it rubbed off. You can always come back after the task.

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