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World of Warcraft Article

Taloc. This is one of the easiest World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth raid encounters. It has three phases triggered by Taloc's HP. In the first phase, players that have Plasma Discharge must drop it at a designated location....

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has 10 new dungeons and one raid. More will be added in the future but when the expansion launches, these will be the initial PvE challenges. Players get access to some dungeons at the beginning...

Summer in World of Warcraft is a time for celebration. Although most raiding guilds take a break for the summer, there are still plenty of activities to complete. One of them is the Midsummer Fire Festival event. The celebration...

Alliance - Kul Tiras. This is the new zone for World of Warcraft Alliance players. It's an island whose native human inhabitants are skilled sailors. The last world event Kul Tiras was involved in was during the Second War. Its...

Battle for Azeroth is the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. It is planned for release on the 14th of August. Players can unlock some of the features if they pre-order the expansion. One of these features is access to some of...

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